AL is an Environmental Portrait Photographer.

With over 30 years of experience, AL believes that “people are the spice of life”. He is dedicated to celebrating people through photographs that are taken with intention, planning, and a desire to show the true value and nature of the person. Anything less devalues the relationship between the photographer and the subject.

“I believe that every photograph should excite curiosity!”

The defining trait of AL’s photography is that it intentionally elicits a heightened curiosity from the viewer that makes them linger and want more. They become emotionally invested and want to look deeper into the photo, learn more about the subject, or even try to figure out what is happening.

What is an environmental Portrait?

The environmental portrait is a combination of traditional portraiture, journalistic photography, and the art of storytelling. It is designed to give you information about the subject while at the same time leaving you with questions. Every aspect is curated to spark your senses and weave a narrative through your subconscious about the person you are observing. Welcoming you into their world, their thoughts, and their lives.

“I intentionally chase one image”

AL believes that shorter deadlines, and still cameras that can capture as many frames per second as a video camera has, lead to a lack of depth in photography. It is so easy to just capture a huge number of photos and choose one that is good, or even great, that the art of intentionally building and planning a photograph is being lost. The power of a portrait is in the emotional response it elicits in the viewer. The more intentional you are with your photograph, the the more powerful the emotional response.